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Decorate Your 


With Plants!

About Us

Magill’s Nursery is an independent, family run business selling traditionally home-grown plants.


We offer a friendly service and our staff, with many years of experience, can offer help and advice on all aspects of your garden and planting. 


At Magill’s Nursery you will find a huge selection of top-quality plants at reasonable prices.


We take pride in growing most of the plants we sell within the nursery from seed or our own cuttings.  We believe this helps us to keep our pricing very competitive – and helps us reduce our carbon footprint as it means fewer plants are imported from abroad.

​Seasonal Plants

Welcome !

This website is a whole new era for Magill's Nurseries, one that we are looking forwards to very much, but it is new territory so we ask for your forgiveness and understanding if there are one or two little mistakes or something doesn't quite work as expected. If you do come across anything do please let us know, your help would be very welcome.


Until work is complete please call us on 

0151 639 6784

or visit our Facebook page

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